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The Law Office of Byron V. Aldana is dedicated exclusively to Criminal Defense with the majority of the practice dedicated to Post Conviction Relief. We are dedicated to providing aggressive Post Conviction Relief for the immigrant community at affordable, reasonable prices. We do not have high overhead and we  provide legal assistance at the grass roots level. Our office serves all of Los Angeles county, Orange county, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

Our Postconviction Relief services include Motion to Vacate Conviction based on failure to provide immigration warnings, Motion to Vacate Conviction based on no factual basis, Motion to Vacate Conviction based on failure to warn and waive Constitutional Rights, Motion to Reduce a Felony to Misdemeanor, Motion to Early Terminate probation, Motion to Amend Sentence, and Expungements of criminal convictions. Please call our office @ (213)482-4833 for a free consultation to see if your case qualifies for one of these services. HABLAMOS ESPANOL.