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Criminal convictions can severely harm the immigration status of persons who are not U.S. citizens. That is why it is vital for a criminal defense attorney to have some understanding of immigration law. What may be considered good criminal defense for a U.S. citizen may have devastating immigration consequences for non-U.S. citizens.

It is not uncommon for our office to interview family members of non-U.S. citizens who accepted an offer to get out of jail and probation only to discover that they have an INS hold, or have been placed in INS custody at Mira Loma Detention Center or even worse transferred to an out of state INS detention center such as Eloy, AZ. For these immigrants, it is too late to defend their case. Their only form of help is Postconviction Relief!

The Law Office of Byron V. Aldana understands the criminal provisions of immigration law and aggressively works to avoid these immigration consequences BEFORE a conviction occurs. Aggressive criminal defense for immigrants is our goal and mission.

Whether it is Criminal Defense for a pending case or Postconviction Relief for a past conviction, the Law Office of Byron V. Aldana will assist you in achieving or maintaining the American Dream.

Success stories from some of our clients regarding our Postconviction Relief services:

1) The Law Office of Byron Aldana helped me remove my solicitation of prostitution conviction, a crime of moral turpitude, and changed it to simple trespass, a non-crime of moral turpitude. As a result I was able to retain my lawful permanent residency and I am now in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Thank you for your help. MM in Los Angeles, CA.

2) In 2004, I suffered a conviction for Domestic Violence. I entered a plea and I was assured that if I completed everything my case would be dismissed. I completed everything and sure enough my case was set aside and dismissed. I applied for U.S. citizenship and my application was denied because the INS said I still had a conviction despite my dismissal. On top of that I was placed in INS removal proceedings because of my conviction. My immigration attorney referred me to Byron Aldana and he was able to vacate my conviction based on the court's failure to provide the immigration warnings. Thanks to Mr. Aldana's efforts the conviction was correctly vacated and dismissed and I was able to retain my green card and obtain my citizenship. A.C. in Diamond Bar, CA.

3) I highly recommend the Law Office of Byron Aldana. I had an Assault with a Deadly Weapon felony conviction and I originally got 365 days county jail. Unfortunately I violated probation and ended up with 2 years state prison. Byron Aldana helped me remove my aggravated felony conviction and changed it to a misdemeanor and a sentence of 179 days. As a result I am now able to retain my lawful permanent residency. Thank you for your help. J.A. in Los Angeles, CA.

Please note that past success stories do not provide a guarantee of future services.

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